Mobility|WOD Movement & Mobility

Over the weekend m|WOD, (, founded by Kelly Starrett, had a Movement & Mobility Course 102 at CrossFit Fishers, owned by Troy TorrenceDr. Travis Jewett from Clinical Strength was the instructor who has a Chiropractic practice in Iowa, but also has been teaching with Mobility|WOD with Kelly for a while.  It was a follow-up to the online Course 101, to add hands-on practical application to our knowledge base.  It was a great group of clinicians, CrossFit coaches, athletic trainers, strength coaches, and athletes who were trying to better their knowledge of assessing movement and mobility glitches, and how to correct these issues.

Too often, we see trainers, coaches, and clinicians get stuck in a rut and repeat the same things over and over, right or wrong.  This course was designed to give them other modalities and tips for accomplishing better, and most times faster, results.  We went over what is referred to as “archetypes” or positions like: squat, press, hang, overhead.  Then we discussed the ranges of motion (ROM) needed in each joint during these movements and how to assess and correct limitations with these ranges.

To accomplish correction we used: blood flow restriction (BFR), stretching (PNF, PIR, etc), soft tissue (pin and floss or pin and stretch), rolling (with stretch and relax principles), mashing, scraping (Leopard Claw), and dove into detail on variations of each of these and the applications.

I highly recommend going to and at least taking the Movement & Mobility Course 101 online portion to start.  Then to better refine this knowledge and get it to set in, take the practical in-person course.  Each will get you 16 CEU’s toward most certifications you have to maintain (NASM, ACSM, NSCA, PT, DC, ATC, etc.)

After taking the 101 course, I'll know you'll want more.  Get on and find a course 102 near you, or make it part of a vacation also and go somewhere new.  Dr. Jewett's course was interactive, informative, and fun.  He always finds a way to bring the group together and get everyone working together to learn and perform at a higher level.  I also recommend his M|wod Performance courses, and his StrongFirst courses.  I went to a M|wod Performance course last year and even after lifting for 20 years, he coached me up a few techniques to PR my bench, squat, deadlift, and overhead press.  I highly recommend him as an instructor and if you are lucky enough to live close, as a Chiropractor.

Also check out Dr. Jewett's Podcast on itunes here.

For more information reach out to the author: or find Brian Watters, DC at Indy Spine and Rehab