The Future of Rehab


In my professional career as a Chiropractic Physician, I have seen the field transform even in the last 10 years.  Chiropractic has changed and there are all kinds of specialists within the field, just like any other physician or profession.  We aren’t just “cracking backs”.  In fact, many of my patients have shoulder, hip, knee, and elbow complaints.  We must rule the spine in or out first, however.  I am lucky enough to work with all kinds of people, including but not limited to recreational and professional athletes.  I am in the Chiropractic Rehab world, where we focus on the functional side of life and get people, no matter what structure they have, to perform functionally to the best of their ability and as comfortably as possible.

I have three pillars of treatment I work around: the muscle, the joint, and the rehab.  With these three components in place we see more effective treatment outcomes than with any of these by themselves.  I use Active Release Techniques, Graston, Myofascial Release, stretching, etc to accomplish the soft tissue component.   I use adjusting, manipulation, and mobilization to affect the joint component.  I use rehabilitative exercise, DNS, and other motor control techniques to accomplish the rehab goals. 

I make sure to explain that I am part of the patients healthcare team, I am not the only one.  The patient is also required to take an active roll in his or her own treatment.  I make sure that they don’t rely just on “passive treatment”, but also learn to hold themselves accountable for their own results.  In most cases I am just their teacher, guiding them in their journey.

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