The indyMUSCLE idea started as a blog for all things related to reaching your fitness goals, while managing a busy life.  It is constantly adapting to new needs of clients and prospective clients, but so far has morphed into a website, blog, and social media presence about fitness, rehab, food, and lifestyle.  Our goal is to motivate you by leading by example, and showing you how we are able to do it, especially after having two kids and a career.  We try to produce rich content that can help you attain balance in your life, while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  We are also here for additional help if you need more specific or individualized programming, nutrition help, or rehab ideas for your case.

The indyMUSCLEmethod is what we have started referring to as our "system" of doing things.  It basically has three levels of commitment: fitness, diet, and lifestyle.

The first part is just the training portion in the gym and being active in general.  This can be individualized for different goals.  This initial phase is a 12-week program, where you establish nervous system adaptation, and begin some hypertrophy and strength gains.  These programs are ready to purchase in our store.  More individualized training is also available by consult.

Part 2 is all about what you eat!  This goes along with the training program to create a solid foundation for future results.  What we find is different layers of commitment depending on the individual.  As we adapt to training, we can begin to add layers to the plan, but it requires more commitment.  Different layers may have more drastic results, but typically we build it gradually so that it is attainable and maintainable.  It starts out as a general conversation about what is doable for you and your lifestyle but can become very detailed with macros, intermittent fasting, keto, paleo, etc.

Part 3 is lifestyle.  How do you incorporate all these things with kids, family, work, hobbies, obligations, etc.  This part is all about sustainability.  Yes, sometimes we want to lose that quick 5 lbs for a summer vacation or spring break, but we are in it for the long haul.  How can this become part of your normal routine?  How do you fit it in? 

Along this journey that we are taking together, we want to encourage you to be interactive with us.  Please share us ideas of content you want or things that are a challenge for you to maintain, as you are on your own fitness journey.

Enjoy the content, enjoy the process, and enjoy the results!

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