Clothes for Active People


As a Chiropractor, I have an active job, add to that a dad and husband that prides himself on staying active and fit, you need clothes that can bend and stretch to your daily demands.  I’m not the most “normal” size of human, with a 30-33” waist (fluctuates), 29-30” inseam, and quads and a butt that usually makes me size up to a 34x30.  I have been through numerous khakis and golf pants that are supposed to “stretch”, this ends up after a loud tearing sound, and uncomfortable afternoon, to not be the case.

First for professional wear, I like the Lululemon Men’s ABC Pant, which cleverly stands for “Anti-Ball Crushing”, and has a 4-way stretch.  They recently re-named their line-up of variations but I also like the Commission Slim, which is made from the same fabric but has a different pocket style that looks more professional, like a dress pant.  Although at first glance the price has you worried, you get a bulletproof pant that I personally have done hundreds if not thousands of squats in and treated thousands of patients in.  Once you factor in that these pants don’t tear, which saves you from not having to buy new pants every couple months, the price makes more sense.  Lululemon will also send your pants out to get hemmed for free, which I love because I always have odd sizing with my height and leg/butt size.

For jeans, I like Levi’s 541 pant.  The popular 511 is more of a slim fit and for a different build, where the 541 has a stretch, and more room for quads and butt.  I have loved these pants and wear them not only to work, but also to play in.  Again, same thing applies, don’t be afraid by the price tag, these pants will be with you a while.  I have also had 40lbs weight fluctuations, over several months, and somehow these pants still fit.  Each wash fits a little differently so make sure to try on before you buy.

Another thing to mention is if the pant is too restrictive you can cause low back pain.  If you aren't able to bend your hips and legs as much, you are forced to use more back, which will overuse and strain the muscles in the back.  The tight, restrictive clothing creates an environment which is reducing your mobility, just like if your hip and leg muscles were too tight!

Next time you hear the ripping sound...just do yourself a favor and go get some clothes that move with you!

Contact me if you have questions on where to find these products!