Interview with Powerlifter Cyprian Thompson

Interview with Powerlifter Cyprian Thompson

When and why did you get into powerlifting?

He went to his first meet in February 2014 after getting into lifting shortly before that.  He had friends that did bodybuilding but after losing weight he still had a stomach, so decided he could lift weights and pursue strength goals.  First meet he went to with only chucks and a singlet.  He met a couple and the wife ran out and got deadlifting socks, food, and other essentials for him to post up at the meet all day long.  After seeing the community and meeting this couple, he was hooked.


What influences have you had in powerlifting?

After seeing the community and the people at the meet he went to, he fell in love with the sport.  The community around the sport really influenced him.  He ended up meeting his coach at the meet and that was a big influence on him as far as training, programming, and routine.


How has your training and diet evolved since starting in 2014?

Having a coach, a program, and a training routine that is structured were the major changes.  In the beginning all he did was 5x5 over and over, which he still benefited from.  But once he got a coach, he had a plan.  Has learned more about the diet aspect of the sport since starting also.  Doesn’t have to think about it much, eats when he’s hungry, eats less when he needs to lose weight.  He understands that when he tracks more of what he eats, it tends to affect the lifts and his strength differently.  Early on he did Keto for 2 years and didn’t tell his coach.  He lost a bunch of weight and noticed that his numbers were going down.  The coach had no idea what was going on and was really concerned.  Cyprian finally told him about the keto diet and the coach was relieved.  Now he understands more of how his training is affected by the food intake.  He loves to eat pad thai.


Max lifts?

Squat at meet – 903lbs, goal is 1000lbs

Squat at gym – 915lbs

Deadlift at meet – 722lbs, goal is 800lbs

Deadlift at gym 725lbs

Bench 435lbs, goal is 500lbs


How should someone get started if they are interested in powerlifting but have never done it?

There are gyms around here to get into.  West Indy Barbell, talk to Andrew.  Iron Valley Barbell talk with Zach, and Thirst Fitness in Terra Haute talk to Brandon.


Favorite books, movies, music, or videos?

Book: Hatchett by Gary Padgan

Movie: Pan’s Labrynth

Doesn’t listen to loud music lifting and doesn’t like to be yelled at.

Videos: squat videos by Eric Lilly Bridge, deadlift videos by Yuri Belkan.

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