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indyMUSCLE was created by me and my wife, Chelsea, to document our healthy lifestyle journey. It is also a blog of workouts, recipes, and activities to keep our family happy and healthy as we live in the moment. Fitness. Coaching. Motivation. Change.

Brian started his fitness journey in high school like most teenagers, trying to impress peers with my muscles.  This transitioned into becoming health conscious early on, and in college competing in Bodybuilding, ultimately winning the 2008 Mr. Ball State Bodybuilding Championships Overall. 

After this he received his Bachelor’s in Exercise Science, got his NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist Certification (CSCS), and then went on to grad school to get a Master’s in Sport Science and Rehabilitation, and Doctorate in Chiropractic.  With his NSCA-CSCS he is a strength coach/personal trainer who trains numerous clients per week both online, and in his training gym in his office in person. He has trained several elite athletes to increase strength and performance.

He has since created a successful rehab clinic at Indy Spine and Rehab and went on to win 2015 Mr. Indianapolis Novice Middleweight Champion.


Chelsea Watters LMT


Chelsea has always been an athlete.  She was always a three-sport athlete through school and has always had an active lifestyle approach.  After college she went on to become a Licensed (LMT) and Nationally Certified Massage Therapist (CMT) and has practiced since 2008. 

During her first pregnancy she continued lifting weights and focused on Yoga, with great success.  Then recently during her second pregnancy, she focused almost exclusively on weightlifting, and had an even easier labor experience. 

Since then, she continues to strive to be in the best shape of her life every day, all while managing two amazing kids and sometimes an overly enthusiastic husband.  She is currently completing her coursework to become a ACE Certified Personal Trainer.